About Us- History of RE/MAX in Ohio

Buying or selling a home can seem like an overwhelming process, but at RE/MAX, our experienced agents are ready to help you easily meet your real estate goals.

History of RE/MAX

In 1973, Dave and Gail Liniger were ready to shift the core way in which real estate agents earned commissions. At the time, real estate offices used a commission-split model. In this model, agents received office space and other services but had to give up fifty percent of their commission. This model also meant that the agents who earned the most were having to pay more than their due share, and were actually covering costs for agents who earned lower amounts. The common view of real estate agents at the time was that they were part-time, inexperienced workers.

The Linigers found this commission-split model unfair and wanted to create a radical shift. They felt that in order to have the best agents, each professional should earn all commissions and take part in paying for the office and service costs. Of course, there were many naysayers to this model who believed that it would never be successful. However the model did succeed and RE/MAX, short for Real Estate Maximums, was born. This new model had a massive effect on the entire industry. It forever altered the broker-agent relationship and transformed the public's perception of real estate professionals. Over the years, RE/MAX has experienced exponential growth and has become an industry leading force.

Often recognized for its educated, well compensated, and professional workforce, RE/MAX is known for the support and resources it provides to its dedicated entrepreneurs. Whenever clients see RE/MAX's red, white, and blue colors, or its signature balloon graphic, they know it represents a company that is a trustworthy leader in the real estate industry.

International Background

The company takes care to provide the best technology and most advanced training to all of its members. The organization takes pride in offering expert service to all of its clients. RE/MAX has also experienced international expansion, moving into new continents including Asia, South America, and Africa. The company has expanded into many other countries such as Canada and Mexico. RE/MAX has the honor of being the biggest real estate franchise business on the globe.

Agent Support

RE/MAX is focused on providing top-notch support to all of its agents. RE/MAX has specialized programs in place, which allow company members to continue their education and receive advanced training. This program also allows members to remain up-to-date on all happenings in the real estate industry.

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